Friday, 9 November 2012

Through the Eyes of Children

Leaders of man-made power structures will always be willing to

exploit the most vulnerable people in society (ei: children and

immigrants) for their own unquenchable desire for power and

wealth. The early Christians and Muslims defended vulnerable

people like children and made them essential to the plan of


During the time of Muhammad the desire to exploit the vulnerable

often led to female infanticide, which is at the heart of the

Quranic eschatological question in Sura 81 to ask “when the female

infant is buried alive, by what sin is she slain?” In the early

Christian church we see this manifested in The roman elites sexual

perversion for children, along with a prevalence of murdering

children throughout society. The early Christian document the

Didache commands Christian followers to subvert this culture

norm. Do “not seduce young boys” is the command along with the

explicit tenant to not “murder a child by abortion nor kill them

when born” (2:2).  It is not surprising than that the Prophets of

Israel and Jesus Christ himself use children as an example for how

to look for and reflect the radically subversive Justice of God.

 The Abrahamic traditions have always shown us that man-made

power structures will always seek to dominate and abuse the

vulnerable. This is at the heart of God’s warning in 1 Samuel 8,

which suggest that under man-made power structures, “your sons”

will be made to “serve with his chariots and horses, and they will

run in front of his chariots” and “he will take your daughters to be

perfumers and cooks and bakers” (verses 11,13). 

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