Thursday, 23 May 2013

Loyalty and the heart of Hockey in Valleyview Alberta

Small towns in Canada represent the heart of Canadian hockey. I was walking around Valleyview, Alberta on my day off today and saw this sign. The call to bring back the Winnipeg Jets in the late nineties became a grassroots movement which moved into a matter of national identity. This is an example of the heart of that movement. Long before the possibility of the Jets ever coming back, people from local communities all over Canada rallied around their long lost team.

2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The only team that will be able to stop the stack Pittsburgh Penguins  is the Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago is the only team that can match the wave of experience, power, and skill the comes shift after shift from the Penguins. Not only does this team have the two best players in the world in Malkin and Crosby; but also have a plethora of other offensive options like Iginla, James Neal, Brendan Morrow, Dupius, Letang, and Kunitz just to name a few. The key to these players is not just their offensive ability but also their character. Iginla and Morrow are proven leaders who will do anything to help their team win. That said if the Chicago Blackhawks catch fire I do think they can mount a challenge....all of this is prefaced on Chicago overcoming the pesky and always dangerous Detroit Red Wings. While some might suggest that the power and grit of the Bruins could be enough to end the Penguins Stanley Cup hopes, my guess is that with the additions of Iginla and Morrow will give them enough character to push through. P.S. John Tortella is ridiculous.

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